Our story

BIOMAX consultancy service for business & investment is officially located at Bole Sub-city, Woreda 14, at Wollela Building, in the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. BIOMAX is a young company established on February 13, 2016 with the intent of filling in the gap between the supplier and local agent. Since our establishment, we have gone above and beyond to provide the best possible services and products. As such, we have equipped ourselves with some of the best trained professionals (Biomedical engineers) and caring technical support staff members that provide an exceptional support service for our clients. We also provide after-sale service, in which we offer maintenance assistance. Additionally, we give proper training to our customers with regards to the operating of the various medical appliances.

We Import

We have established another company called LABTRACE Medical Equipment Importer. This is a separate company from BIOMAX Consultancy Service for Business & Investment. Through this new company, we aim to fill the position of the local agent and import medical equipment ourselves.

our mission

To provide our clients with the most effective medical device possible in a highly efficient time frame and at reasonable cost.To provide a suitable return in our business endeavors that will allow growth and sustainability for the company and employees.To contribute to the welfare of the community in which we conduct our business.

How BioMax accomplishes the mission

We are an end-user, product focused company.
We understand the clinical rationale for a device’s requirements and apply this insight to each project.
Our employees have a high level of commitment and experience and can utilize their expertise in meeting the Mission Statement.
High accountability and responsibility is given to and expected from each employee and contractor.

our Vision

Our Vision is to be the leading business and investment group in the importing of medical devices to Ethiopia.